Our Team


  1.  Ravindra S. Kutwal, Founder
  2.  Smt. Shalini S. Khisti, Founder

Management Directors:

  1. Shri. Sunil C. Kutwal, Founder
  2. Smt. Manjusha S. Khisti, Founder
  • Employees: Presently 14 employees are working with us.
  • Quality Control, research and development
    4 no of peoples are working in this department.
  • Media Partner
    1. Eye ‘Q’ Media world
    2. Yoddha Press
  • Legal Team
    1. Advocate Shri. Shailendra S. Kutwal, Public Notary, Govt. of India. M.Sc. L.L.M. (Arbitrator of company)
    2. Advocate shri. S.N. Kutwal (Legal Advice) B.Sc. L.L.B.
    3. Advocate shri. S.M.Kadam, (Legal Advice) M.Sc. L.L.M.
    4. Mrs. Vinita Bhagurkar, (Company Secretory)
  • Marketing Department
    1. Shri. Girish Naik, Marketing Head and financial planer
    2. Shri. Dattatray Thorat, Marketing Head.
    3. Shri. Sangram Shelar, Marketing Head & Financial Planer
    4. Shri. Rajendra shingte, Marketing strategy expert.
    5. Shri. Dharmaraj Deshpande, Marketing strategy expert.
    6. Shri. Hemant S. Kutwal, Marketing Coordinator
    7. Shri. Raj Talkar, Assistant Marketing Head and Trainer.
    8. Mrs. Minakshi Badgu, Assistant Trainer & Back Office head
  • Digital Marketing Department
    1. Shri. Mayur Deshpande
    2. Shri. Ravindra Vidhate
    3. Miss. Tanaya Naik, Software developer
    4. Shri. Atharva Naik
    5. Shri. Raj Talkar ( Head of Digital Marketing)