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Welcome to the grand teavolution. Give optimum satisfaction to your taste buds & Open up your senses with a cup of tea. Leave you feeling refreshed to feel the wonders of the morning.

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Whether your perfect Loose Leaf or Sachets, our tea comes in a variety of blends and brew methods

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We strive to offer only the highest quality and various types of tea, Coffee, more than 50 types of Veg-Nonveg delicious and mouth watering Snacks, Biryani, Pizza, Pasta, Berger, Sandwich, chicken shourma, Chicken nuggets, Boneless chicken in indian masala, Kheema roll, kheema pav, Boiled Egg, Egg omelet, Milk shakes, flavored soda, Lassi etc.

My mother Smt. Shalini S. Khisti was a teacher of Bhausaheb Firodiya High School in Ahmednagar, now she is enjoying her retired life. The atmosphere at home was disciplined because of her. All of us siblings were given a lesson of self-sufficiency by my mother from an early age, because my father died prematurely because of the incurable disease “Cancer” when I was only 4 years old. There were five persons to eat and only one person to earn money, so even though i was younger, i used to think of helping my mother. I had worked for Khan book-Binders in my town during my May vacation from sixth to seventh grade. Khan book-Binders used to combine blank pages of the same color and size of old books to make a bundle of 100 or 200 pages. For that work we got some books as a remuneration that me and my brother used until graduated. It was my first “earning”. After that we siblings continued to learn by doing many small and big things. We kept trying to stand with mother. We then started the business of making detergents. Under the name “Gajraj Washing Powder” we made soap, soap powder, dish washing powder and dishwashing liquid. Then we first started a small hotel at Bhootkarwadi in Ahmednagar city in 1990. Which is situated in Maharashtra, India. My brother and I were running our own hotel by making tea, coffee, snacks, this was the first start of our tea business. After then we all siblings, elder sister and her husband did a hotel business in Sarda College Canteen for two years from 1992 to 1994. Our tea was very popular among all the students, teachers, doctors, staff and patients of the Civil Hospital. After then we started “Riddhi’s Coffee House” at Appuhatti Chowk in Ahmed Nagar, Maharashtra. It was based on the concept of “Bamboo House”. In a short period, our hotel became famous in the entire city and district. Many people used to travel long distances by vehicles to have tea, Mysore masala dosa and zhunka bhakar.

But this progress came to a sudden halt due to the sudden demise of my elder brother Rajendra. After that we closed the well running hotel. That incidence had made a home forever in my heart. After that so many people when met me they reminded me tasty tea and other delicious foods of our hotel time. This is how our mid period went. In mean time i started three companies with my husband these companies are going well. Our all businesses are going well, but with the idea of doing something different, so in 2018 we decided to launch the new company “Yagnaay International Pvt. Ltd.”  Our son Ravindra is one of the founder director of this company. He founded this company in the age of 21 years. We launched all the previous types of detergents as well as herbal products, vehicle security lock system, protein powder and 40 other products. We are selling these all products under our own brand name. At the same time, we also started making and selling of many types of tea powders. Why shouldn’t offer ready-made tea instead of selling tea powder? This thought came in to the mind of Ravindra. Then after we started various experiments of making delicious, tasty tea and the brand “Me‘n’My Tea” was born out of these experiments. We are providing tasty tea, coffee, snacks to all through this brand. We are currently working to provide franchisees and outlets for this business. We aim to take this brand to the global level and provide employment opportunities to many people through this medium.

The slogan of this brand is…….. “Your happiness is our hobby”.

We started the tradition of delicious, tasty food thirty years ago, it is a happy moment that we are starting this tradition once again.


…….Manjusha S. Khisti

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Our Tea store will be a small island of pleasure you are welcome to discover among everyday routine. Let us show you the way you can enjoy your life with just several swallows. Make a pause and have a cup of tea. It is the very time to make the world taste different.

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